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New BMW X5

New BMW X5

The new  better watch out as Mercedes is almost ready to unveil the revamped GLE.

It was on

ly on Friday when the 2019 Mercedes GLE emerged on YouTube as an almost undisguised production-ready prototype and now our own spies have managed to catch on camera the next-gene

rationn midsize luxury SUV. As a matter of fa

ct, it’s the exact same vehicle, carrying a yellow sticker with “656” on the license plate frame.

From what we are able to see in the adjacent spy shots, it only has a thin white foil on the taillights, which by the way have nothing in common with those of the outgoing GLE. The rear lighting clusters are much narrower and have a sleeker shape

lending the BMW X5 rival a fresher look as it would be appropriate for a next-gen model.

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