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Surface Pro release date, news

Surface Pro release date, news

You might be thinking that the Windows 10 powered 2017 Surface Pro is basically the Surface Pro 5. It came after the Surface Pro 4, right? Well, if Microsoft as anything to say about it, you’d be dead wrong.

Right now, there is no such thing as the Surface Pro, as Microsoft Surface lead Panos Panay confirmed last year, though he said it would exist just as soon as more meaningful changes come from the talented team at Microsoft’s hardware design lab.

He said that while there’s ‘no such thing as a [Surface] Pro 5’ today, there will be when the time is right. When Microsoft can more radically improve the dynamics of the very popular Surface Pro 4, it’s not out of the cards to see the Surface Pro 5. And, frankly we’re extremely excited to see what it might look like.

Just like how the Surface Pro 2017 released in June 2017, the next Surface Pro or even the rumored 10-inch, cheaper, Surface is probably just a couple months away. And, though the new and improved 2017 Surface Pro gave us better battery life and a Surface Pen capable of 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it apparently wasn’t enough to call it the Surface Pro 5, which just makes us wonder what will be worthy of the fabled ‘5’. Let’s dive in.